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Day Drops, 60ml

€ 259.00 EUR

For a Balanced Frame of Mind

Day drops work either day or night to restore your centre – everyday. A therapeutic elixir that helps you find your own sense of calm. Made with pure CBD extracted from the hemp plant and blended with organic MCT oil.

6000mg CBD per 60ml bottle
0% THC

5/6 Drops (20mg CBD)

Notes of Coconut Oil

Organic MCT (Cocos Nucifera) oil, Cannabidiol (Cannabidiol derived from Hemp).

- Organically Cultivated Hemp
- Contains Zero THC
- Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- Gluten Free
- No Heavy Metals

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Apothem was founded in 2018 in London born from a shared passion for CBD inspiring the business to set the new standard with compliant products, quality formulations and a beautiful brand. They passionately believe in CBD and botanicals to create powerful plant-based formulations. They do this through something called botanical synergy; meaning everything in their formulas is there for a reason and designed to work in harmony with each other. All Apothem products are vegan, gluten free, organically cultivated, and cruelty free with no unnecessary fillers or additives. Each product in their range has been created to work with your lifestyle and to support your skin, body and mind every day.

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