Practising Focus with Treaty

After discovering the beauty, design, and effectiveness of Treaty's signature range, we were completely blown away by the vision and philosophy behind why they are driven to create. A purpose which so effortlessly weaves in and out of everything they do. This we find is one of the great examples of a true practise. Something that provides wellbeing and enriches not only your own life, but the lives of all beings around you. From Soil to Spirit, and Spirit to Soil.

So when we were thinking of who to approach for our first deep dive on our premier chapter they were without a doubt at the top of our mind. Keep reading to uncover how Treaty's founders Melany and Freya Dobson (yes they are sisters) are evolving each day from focusing on their practise.

We find the best way to set a tone for the day starts in the morning, so we're curious, what does your routine look like?

Melany: The morning is my favorite time of day. I wake up when it is still dark so that I can transition with the sun. The first thing I do is pick up a book. I find my mind is like a sponge right when I wake up and I like to absorb ideas in that state. Then I brush teeth, put sunscreen on, take Treaty Calm, and take my dogs for a walk. Sometimes I take a stroll and other times I walk to a nearby waterfall, it's about 4 miles round trip. Upon returning I feed my dogs, make coffee, check in with my plants, decide if I am hungry enough for breakfast and then get started on work. I lean into habits as a transformative power. I love repeating the same sequence of events each day only to find that my experience is ever changing.

Freya: First, making my bed! Then I stretch, water my plants, drink warm water and lemon, make coffee with steamed oat milk, and eat something light.

What is your favourite practise that helps you focus?

Melany: Doing one thing at a time. Taking breaks to tend to my body. Keeping my phone at a distance.

Freya: Moving my body everyday and going outside no matter the weather. Fresh air is the best mental reset.

What has been inspiring you creatively lately?

Melany: I am inspired by human interaction. For so long, and like so many, I have been home more often than usual because of COVID.  I am inspired by making my friends laugh.

Engaging with people provides energy and a tangible shift from the inner to the outer world. We need each other more than ever now.

Freya: Waking up early, freehand writing for 15 minutes, reading 10 pages, right now I am enjoying a book called Tribe by Sebastian Junger, it’s a story about finding “home” and belonging in a country so lost from its tribal roots.

What is your favourite thing about hemp, cannabis, or growing plants on the farm?

Melany: When we grow hemp at the farm, we do so in a matter that heals the soil. My favorite thing about growing hemp at the farm is watching medicine for the people also provide medicine for the earth.

Freya: The cannabis plant is one of the most versatile plants in the world, it can provide fuel, food, fiber and medicine. I believe it is the solution to many of the global crises we are facing.

We grew up with a father who owned an organic farm so growing plants has been fundamental to how I understand the cycle of life. Farming is essential to providing food and medicine to society, it feels like the most noble thing I can do and it has helped to ground me during the craziness of these times.

What does the future look like to you? How do you feel like Treaty contributes to visions of circular creation and consumption?

The future is regenerative beauty, beauty that replenishes and restores our earth’s resources. Cannabinoids like CBD bring the inner-outer beauty conversation full circle. If you’re feeling how you need to feel in the moment you’re in, that is beautiful

The future of Treaty is expanding our product line to work with a more diverse spectrum of cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBC) and moving into the THC market. We are motivated by the potential of whole hemp plant medicine, and have been doing research and development around hemp root extract.

For the curious, a little delight from time to time.

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