Focus by Fenna Fiction

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January always has these feelings of a fresh start. To create new habits and rituals. To reframe and focus.

Our friend Fenna started her DJ career by creating mixes for listening at home; the perfect connoisseur for our first playlist. This playlist is to be enjoyed at home or anywhere and anytime you could use some more mindful focus during your day.

So if you're craving some added productivity levels to your routine, then follow our move when your ready. Open your curtains. Stretch. Make yourself a cup of tea. Settle yourself. Take some CBD. Start our playlist. And slowly begin. Tune into your senses, be an observer as your mind awakens.

We had Fenna try the perfectly paired Treaty: Focus, which inspired some of its creation. Not limited to sound, she also expressed it through her other creative practice in the custom collage artwork for this playlist.

Even though we love using the convenience of Spotify, we also want to support the artists that make the music we casually stream every day. We supported all independent artists on this playlist via

Listen on Spotify ↗︎

For the curious, a little delight from time to time.

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