CBD: A Brief History

Meet this decade's favourite compound, find out how it started, and discover why you need to pay attention to where your CBD is coming from. It seems everything is getting a touch of CBD these days; your skincare regime, a drink you picked up at the local cafe, or even your cat's food. But why now? How long have we known about it? Are we more stressed and anxious than ever before? It definitely seems like the current state of affairs during the global pandemic has accelerated our consumption a little bit. But before we get ahead of ourselves... let's go back and remember how we got here.

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Focus by Fenna Fiction

January always has these feelings of a fresh start. To create new habits and rituals. To reframe and focus. Our friend Fenna started her DJ career by creating mixes for listening at home; the perfect connoisseur for our first playlist. This playlist is to be enjoyed at home or anywhere and anytime you could use some more mindful focus during your day.

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